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According to Aristotle, "The ultimate goal of human life is simply happiness, which means finding a purpose to fulfill one's potential and working on one's behavior to become the best version of oneself." This is our purpose. To be a companion and helper to our participants to discover what they care about most, to make the changes they want in their lives, on a personal and professional level, to achieve their dreams and lead to a more meaningful, happier and more satisfied life.


Every human being is not one-dimensional and has many aspects. We are all called to take on different roles in our lives at the same time. We are parents, children, partners, friends and professionals and in all these roles we want to be the best we can be. That's why 365 EVOLUTION LAB, together with a number of experienced partners, has developed individual, group and corporate seminars that cover all the needs that arise in each of us to perform at our best in all our roles. The goal of our seminars is first and foremost the units, each person individually. Their goal is to discover ourselves. We first discover ourselves, our strengths, the hidden power that everyone has within, our talents, our abilities. We gain self-confidence and then take what we have learned and use it to develop personally and professionally with the goal of having full control over our lives. 

Our vision

Our daily development (Evolution). Our mind, our body is a laboratory that can evolve every day (365). Each of us can believe in ourselves, develop new skills and good habits, get rid of fears and phobias and any limiting beliefs that prevent us from becoming who we really want to be. Every day is a new opportunity to become the best version of ourselves.

Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching techniques, our vision is to discover and achieve your personal and professional goals together.

Our Goal

To become better. Not better than others, but better than ourselves. We have 365 days a year to learn something new, to dare what scares us, to achieve our goals, to live in every moment, to be happy.


At 365 Evolution Lab we discover new knowledge and new good practices together on an individual and professional level through modern scientific techniques of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching. We all perform better when we feel unpressured, unjudged and free to express our views and thoughts without fear of rejection. That's why our seminars take place in a comfortable and relaxed environment where each participant feels not like a student, but a friend, partner and companion on a journey of self-knowledge and self-improvement. Through modern pedagogical methods, learning games and modern technological tools, the discovery of new knowledge and skills is made effortless for everyone. With special attention to the specifics and needs of each team and individual.



Στην 365 Εvolution Lab μέσα από σύγχρονες επιστημονικές τεχνικές του Νευρογλωσσικού προγραμματισμού (nlp) και του Coaching ανακαλύπτουμε μαζί σε ατομικό και επαγγελματικό επίπεδο, νέες γνώσεις και νέες καλές πρακτικές.

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